Thanks yous!

It's been a crazy month!'s GONE!  Well, we need to stop for a minute and send out some very deserved thank yous.   

Thank you Kandra and all the fantastic staff at The Faucet in Grand Island!  This fun little bar made a great decision to put live music back in Grand Island, and it's been working great!  We'll be back at The Faucet December 6th.

Thank you, and congratulations to Chris and Jessica Pohl!  Your beautiful wedding was a ton of fun!  It means a lot to us yet to hear "one more song!".  If the body was willing, we'd have played all night. 

More weddings and private parties will round out The Innocence calendar this year.  HOWEVER, catch us at Sculley's Shooters November 15-16, and Kearney Shooters December 27-28! 

Until then...Peace & Love!

Dave & The Innocence